Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex | Video on
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Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex | Video on

I strongly recommend this video, a Ted Talk of Matt Ridley on "When Ideas have Sex".
A very good blend of a great explanation of capitalism and the division of labour and the evolutionary emergence of ideas that make our life easier.
Enjoy it!

Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex | Video on

- Monday, 9th November 2015
Hello,  I'm Jaime. Today it's my turn to do the review of the class. So, Come on. At the begining we saw a video about Enlightned thinkers. This talked about philosophers who wanted to illuminate the darkness of the world with the light...

- Not So Stuffy Japanese Bureaucrats
Kanagawa Governor Yuji Kuroiwa?s cameo in a music video of ?Fall-in-Love Fortune Cookie,? by J-pop?s most popular girl group AKB48 has been viewed by 2.4 million people since it was launched in October. The Wall Street Journal's Japan RealTime...

- Mike Mochizuki On Pbs
APP Board Member Dr. Mike Mochizuki was interviewed on February 22nd on the PBS NewsHour regarding Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Washington and the tensions in the Senkakus/Daioyus....

- Hayek On Evolution And Spontaneous Orders
I found this video of Friedrich A. Hayek speaking at the 33rd Meeting of Nobel Laureates at Lindau in 1983. It is a good summary of his own ideas on Evolution and Spontaneous Orders. There are several points that could be discussed...

- Classsic Evolutionism In Social Sciences
The evolutionary account in Social Sciences is inspired by the Scottish tradition ? David Hume, Adam Smith, and Adam Ferguson -, which is continued in the XX Century by Friedrich A. von Hayek. We will call this tradition ?Classic Evolutionism? (CE) and...

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